Original Oil Paintings of Marine subjects by Hull Artist Dennis Chapman

Dennis Chapman was born in the East Yorkshire coastal town of Bridlington. He was educated in Leeds, but returned to the family home in Hull to fulfill his ambition as a deep sea trawlerman. He married a skipper's daughter, but was forced to leave the trawler industry due to tuberculosis.

Dennis Chapman is a self-taught artist, who is committed to representing life at sea from a seafaring perspective. His paintings begin life with hours spent in meticulous research, display the painstaking attention to detail of the vessels and convey a perception of the atmosphere experienced by those at sea. Dennis sites Monteque Dawson and Thomas Jacques Somerscales as influences.


Dennis' work is in collections throughout the world including Britain, USA, Scandinavia, Australia, Mainland Europe and Thailand.

Dennis Chapman undertakes Commissions. The Bibby Line, North Sea Ferries, and Leafe and Hawkes shipping agents are just a fraction of the important maritme commissions he has fulfilled.

a new day original seascape by dennis chapman
dennis chapman running home original painting

'A New Day' Original Oil Painting

image 60 x 50cm / frame 73 x 63cm
dc124 £445

'Running Home' Original Oil Painting

image 40 x 30 / frame 53 x 43cm
dc123 £395
Dennis Chapman's work is sympathetically framed, but can be reframed at little or no extra cost. All dimensions are approximate.
For work not sold via the online shop please contact the gallery for picture availability.
lord nuffield H473 hull sidewinder trawler
victrix H428 hull sidewinder trawler at myton gallery hull

'Lord Nuffield H473 Hull Trawler' Original Oil Painting

image 55 x 45cm / frame 68 x 58cm
dc121 £445

'Victrix H428 Hull Trawler' Original Oil Painting

55 x 45cm / frame 68 x 58cm
dc122 SOLD
high tide original marine painting by dennis chapman at myton gallery
waiting for the tide original marine painting by dennis chapman at myton gallery hull

'High Tide' Original Oil

image 49 x 39cm / frame 62 x 52cm
dc119 £445

'Waiting For The Tide' Original Oil

image 49 x 39cm / frame 62 x 52cm
dc120 £445
dennis chapman original tall ships painting at myton gallery hull

'Terra Nova' Original Oil

image 79 x 59cm / frame 92 x 72cm
dc118 £595

'Tall Ships' Original Oil

image 60 x 50 / frame 73 x 63cm
dc114 £495
paintingof Grace Harwar tall ship
Lingard Crossing The Channel  Dennis Chapman picture at Myton Gallery Hull Yorkshire

'Grace Harwar' Original Oil

image 59 x 41cm / frame 72 x 54cm
dc104 £350

'Lingard Crossing The Channel' Original Oil

image 69 x 49cm / frame 78 x 58cm
dc113 £495
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